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Hire an Intentional career and placement advisor for ultimate peace of mind finding a career in demand without the debt.


With our most complete career exploration package, students and families receive extensive oversight and direction on all aspects of the careers in demand in today's labor market. Students will work one-one-one with an experienced career expert to facilitate this process.

This is an ideal package for students who are unsure about making a commitment to attend college for the next four years.  PCC WILL help you make the  connection  to a wide network of employers,  community partners, and resources that you will need on your journey to take the next step to your future.  If you’re a student who wants to cast a explore the unlimited opportunities we’re there for you every step of the way with unlimited phone/email/text support and two monthly in-person meetings.


Career Pathway Package



  • Personal statement & essay development

  • Career Exploration 

  • Assistance designing academic resume and completing application for program

  • Custom in job demand list with salary earnings

  • Explore programs based on best fit( Housing, stipend programs, career placement after program completion, background assistance, training materials, childcare assistance and more)

  • FAFSA assistance(if included)

  • Find free or lost cost education opportunities 

  • Explore all viable options

  • Unlimited email/phone/text support

Take the first step towards career pathways admissions success!

 Package inquiry today!

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