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We suggest that our clients initiate the college planning process during high school to optimize our services such as  4 year intentional high school curriculum and summer planning.  The earlier in your high school years you start, the more time we have to get to know you and provide the most comprehensive and detailed action plan.

PCC services tailored to special situations, include the following:

  • Student athletes

  • Students with learning disabilities

  • Students interested in the visual and performing arts

  • Transfer students

  • International students

  • Non-traditional Students

  • Students looking for a gap year experience before or during college

  • Students who need a 13th year (post-graduate high school year)

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Targeting the Best Fit Colleges

We identify a range of colleges targeted to match the particular needs of the student:


  • Academic

  • Geographic

  • Social

  • Religious

  • Financial

  • Special Interests

High School Pre-College Planning
  • Select for the most appropriate college preparation courses

  • Develop a strong activity resume

  • Choose the most intentional extracurricular activities

  • Plan for college entrance exams for test blind and test optional schools

College Major & Career Assessment
  • Identify values, interests, and abilities

  • Match the above to potential career options

  • Research career options and plan for further investigation for college plan

  • Link possible majors to career options 

  • Identify schools that excel in the major of interest

  • Research opportunities for job shadowing or information interviewing

College Selection

  • Assess competitiveness of student based on multitude of factors

  • Review student course history and performance

  • Discover student priorities to make they are aligned for the student goals

  • Identify colleges that meet student needs

  • Intentional College comparison

College Admissions
  • Organize prior to applying to narrow down a list of schools

  • Compose strong application package

  • Write strong essays

  • Plan college visits

  • Prepare for college interviews

  • Specialized research into unusual majors or programs

  • Communicating with college admissions counselors, as required

  • Follow an action plan to ensure all deadlines are met in a timely fashion

Financial Aid
  • Calculate family's eligibility to receive financial aid

  • Complete all federal, state, and campus financial aid forms to avoid costly mistakes

  • Send all required documentation to colleges in a timely fashion

  • Apply to scholarships for school, and housing if applicable

Post College Acceptance
  • Complete college housing applications

  • Compare financial aid packages

  • Time management

  • Housing Choices

The Last Two Years of High School​

During a student’s junior and senior years, we focus on the “college list,” the application process, and the most effective ways for a student to get the competitive edge for their final application. Meeting with our team for guidance and support, a student will get a personalized plan to help enrich his or her life and develop a competitive edge when preparing for college admission. Here’s what we’ll do:

Academic Assessment

  • Evaluate and interpret a student’s academic record from the perspective of a college admissions committee

  • Focus on the academic areas where a student will benefit from additional support, and implement new study methods to help a student achieve greater academic success

  • Select remaining high school courses which will provide a fulfilling schedule of challenging and exciting classes

  • Explore the benefits of dual enrollment courses

Extracurricular Enhancement

  • Evaluate and help shape a student’s extracurricular activities that highlight passion, meaningful commitment, and impact

  • Identify leadership roles and unique opportunities to enrich a student’s life and help the student stand out in the college application process

  • Collaborate with a student to plan and implement a unique extracurricular project to showcase initiative, leadership, interests, organization skills, and community impact that is geared for the 21st century millennial student in regards to all students background.

  • Create an activity  résumé to showcase student achievements (submitted with college applications, given to teachers and guidance counselor to help ensure more personalized recommendations, shared with interviewers, submitted for honor society selection and scholarship consideration)

  • This is a key strategic advantage in positioning students strongly in the college admissions process. We'll even help customize the Brag Sheet according to individual college preferences.

  • Recommend summer activities that focus on a student’s future and enhance his or her college admissions profile

  • Develop service projects to appeal to the admissions board to showcase your civic engagement to your community.

College Application 

  • Create an intentional  strategy for college applications

  • Create tools to help a student and parents effectively manage each college’s requirements and deadlines

  • Discuss the benefits of early decision, early action, and rolling admissions to discover which one best firs your needs.




College List

  • Evaluate a student’s academic and career goals

  • Develop college specifications focused on academic environment, inclusiveness, diversity of all student groups,  college size, location, social life, special interests, finances, religion – and much more

  • Build a well-balanced list of “best-fit” colleges

  • Provide a list of informative resources to help a student research colleges

  • Create a college-visit plan or explore options for virtual visits for students with no access

Testing Calendar

  • Establish a testing schedule and tutoring plan for SAT, Subject Tests, and ACT based on a student’s previous test scores and college goals


Letters of Recommendation

  • Identify the junior-year teachers and counselors a student will ask for college recommendations and create strategic requests so all letters are highlight the strengths of the students

  • Explain techniques to help ensure getting the best possible recommendations by presenting intentional information to the person writing the letter.

  • Facilitate obtaining letters from people outside the school environment.

Interview Preparation

  • Prepare a student for on-campus and alumni interviews as well as local meetings with admissions officers

  • Assist students in building rapport before, during, and after the interview

  • Role-play to ensure a great interview fit for the student

Essay Support

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Help students tell their story

  • Remove clichés that land you in the rejection pile.

  • Monitor and review the preliminary drafts

  • Think critically and creatively to make your voice memorable.

  • Review each draft until an essay is finalized

Application Review

  • Provide feedback to strengthen the application

  • Help a student appear in the best possible light in regards to their personal strengths

  • Ensure flow and consistency between application, essays, and résumé

Overview of Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Discuss the financial aid process

  • Review some key financial aid strategies

  • Identify the best resources for researching scholarships 

  • Explore the resources provided

  • Leverage student background to find tailored scholarships​

Special Talent Portfolio

  • Students with special talents: musicians, athletes, dancers, actors, mathematicians, scientists, writers, artists, etc., often require additional materials be sent to prospective colleges. Individual requirements and timelines for auditions and/or additional application materials are reviewed with students.


  •  We help with the transfer process to help students get the most out of what they have already accomplished at their current school and can move to the next college with ease.


Accessing Ivy League Colleges and Universities



If you want more  tailored content for your pathway make sure you book an appointment.

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College Destinations

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Universities, State Colleges, Vocational and Career Education Schools

These resources provide information about Florida’s universities, colleges, vocational, and career education schools.


CCP and National resources for Foster Youth and Youth-in-Care

CCP and National resources for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Resources

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NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Scholarship

2020-21 Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete


Application Waivers

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We are based in Miami Dade County, Florida. However we work with all colleges and universities.

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