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Why PCC?


Our background…

Unlike most other providers, Postsecondary Career Consultants  have worked on “both sides of the gate” – as high school counselors and administrators, and as college advisors. In sum, our background and experience allow us to offer unique insight into the context and trends that impact college-related decisions; while our professional affiliations enable us to acquire college-specific information that is not readily accessible to school staff or to other private college counselors. As a result, we know how colleges – at all levels of selectivity – approach the admissions process, and we know why students achieve college success.

Our approach…

At PCC, we believe that the college admissions process should be about more than admission. We value personal growth and self-discovery as much as selectivity, and by doing so, we hope to bring perspective and intentionality to college planning.

Our fundamental objective is to guide students into good-fit colleges, where they can thrive and effectively pursue their personal and professional goals.  If you are a student with a disability, international student, military student, minority student, LGBTQ students, traditional and non-traditional student. We work will all student groups. We work toward this objective by leveraging our knowledge, as well as the knowledge of other professionals throughout higher education, with whom we have built extensive relationships over the course of our careers as researchers, counselors and consultants.

Please refer to our bios and testimonials for more information.

Thank you for your interest in Postsecondary Career Consultant. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, you may contact us anytime at or by filling out this form on the contact us page.


— Charkivia Hutchinson, PCC Consultant

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