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With financial aid assistance, college may be more affordable than you think


With over 100 questions that get deep into the details of your financial picture, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile can be famously overwhelming. Filling out these forms accurately can mean the difference between landing a scholarship and not.


The FAFSA is required for anyone hoping to participate in either state or federal aid programs and for all students who hope to be considered for financial aid by their university. Similarly, the CSS Profile is required by many private colleges and universities to determine eligibility for non-government financial aid, such as the institution’s own grants, loans and scholarships.

  • Don't get lost in the losing money to pay for school - let an expert help you navigate the financial aid process

  • Ensure you're filling out the FAFSA correctly - inaccurate information may cost you free money

  • Take advantage of all of the federal, state, and local opportunities available


  • FAFSA Assistance


Help completing or reviewing your FAFSA application

  • Assistance completing FAFSA form

  • OR Review of a submitted FAFSA form

CSS Profile Review


  • Walk through the CSS Profile with an expert

  • Up to 2hrs of expert assistance walking through your CSS Profile

  • Please have two years of financial records available for this meeting

Get the financial aid help you need!

Send a Financial Aid inquiry today!

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