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A Results-Driven Simple Strategy to WRITE 4 Paragraph ESSAY


Formula to Memorize to Write regardless of the PROMPT

Essays are written as a guide to help all student learners including EEL’s, retakers, and more

Essays are written with to help you improve your Focus, Format, Support, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Usage, & Conventions

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2021-2022 Topic List with Thesis Statement


  1. Thesis: There are advantages and disadvantages of parental involvement in schools.

  2. Thesis:  There are challenges that representatives face when meeting obligations with their members including financial transparency and communication issues.

  3. Thesis:  There are advantages and disadvantages of requiring college students to successfully complete public speaking courses.

  4. Thesis: There are advantages and disadvantages of declaring a major upon entering college.

  5. Thesis:  The school board is implementing a healthier food choice at school to help fight obesity in children. There are advantages and disadvantages of providing healthier choices.

  6. Thesis:  There are costs and benefits of companies offering stress reduction, exercises and health education.

  7. Thesis: There are effective strategies institutions can utilize to help reduce plagiarism when students are using the internet to complete coursework. 

  8. Thesis: There are advantages and disadvantages of adding tax to sugary drinks. 

  9. Thesis: There are benefits and challenges of colleges offering remedial math courses. 

  10. Thesis: There are advantages and disadvantages of students in high school  being required to take classes in a foreign language for graduation.

  11.  Thesis: With the rise of the use of technology, students are expanding the endless possibilities of engaging in learning. The flexibility and the immediate accessibility has allowed for online education to be effective. 

  12.  Thesis: The role of the teacher in the classroom is to provide quality, standards- based, effective classroom instruction and advocate for the needs of all student learners.

  13.  Thesis: There are two highly effective assessments teachers use in order to monitor students progress in the classroom such as formative and diagnostic.

  14. Thesis: There are benefits and challenges of reading as a pastime as compared to browsing the internet.

  15.  Thesis: Diversity in the classroom allows for better academic outcomes and student participation  because all students are represented and included therefore students feel a sense of belonging in the classroom.

  16. There are ESE accommodations  designed to reduce barriers in student learning such as providing students with additional support through the use of  school personnel,  and state assessment accommodations in the classroom to ensure student success.

  17.  Thesis: Artificial intelligence is changing the outlook of the education industry through the use of task automation and giving students  universal 24/7 access to learning.

  18. Thesis: There are  ESOL accommodations  such as allowing for extended time for completion of  assignments and providing oral instructions for assignments in the classroom to ensure student success.

  19.  Thesis: There has been an  issue of the increase of  higher tuition  which is a deterrent to enrollment. Students are considering alternative career paths that do not have a price tag, and entrepreneurship. 

  20. Thesis: There has been an increase in teacher shortages; an attempt to implement effective strategies to recruit administration leadership and STEM teachers, by offering financial incentives for their salaries, and more professional development to enhance the classroom environment.

  21. Thesis: Therefore, to help ease the disparity between the state of the art technology and what is available in the classroom there are two strategies that can be implemented to reduce the burden by teachers: Innovating  with the tools they already have in the classroom, and seeking out free, easy-to-use digital resources. 

  22. Thesis: There are benefits and challenges of all high schools requiring students to  complete community service in order to graduate.

  23. Thesis: There are benefits and challenges of making decisions in morally ambiguous situations.

  24. Thesis: There are benefits and challenges of evaluating an effective teacher based on four different performance levels of highly effective, effective, needs improvement and unsatisfactory in the classroom.

  25. Thesis: Through the use of community based agencies  and these are  two strategies the state can help with mentoring programs in schools.

  26. Thesis: The benefits and challenges of teachers and administrators insight on health initiatives will allow for realistic and ambiguous choices that can have drastic  changes and implementation in the future.

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Disclaimer: I teach a simple formula, pass the GKT, regardless of the prompt the 1st time using instructional material I taught to my high school students for their state assessments. I can not guarantee any candidate taking the FTCE exams that they will pass. The successful completion of the tests depends upon the amount of practice, knowledge and skills of the individual candidate.
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