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Charkivia Hutchinson was born and raised  in Homestead, Florida. She graduated  cum laude from South Dade Senior High and graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Arts  degree in Criminology and a Master’s Degree from Florida International University in Higher Education Administration. Mrs. Hutchinson is currently an English Teacher at Homestead Senior High School. 

Anyone who know Charkivia can attest  that she is  an upstanding member of the community, extremely anxious to help those who are in need, a young woman who faces adversity with a warm confident personality. She is deliberative, and intentional in her work, a great team player, and always willing to help others.


Since 2012, Charkivia has been providing professional consulting services to students in Miami and beyond. From personable, intentional coaching sessions to  strategic and purposeful planning, my focus is always on ensuring students choose the best career decision in regards to the most cost efficient viable path.


Our  results-driven relationships has allowed our clients to soar above the rest. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your child. Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach.

Having served 6 years in various roles within the educational system, such as teacher,  higher education administratorcareer and academic advisor, alternative school placement specialist, and testing proctor for  standardized exams, Charkivia is equipped for providing accessible and equitable opportunities to high school age students, particularly those traditionally underserved and overlooked by the education system.

Hutchinson  brings an unprecedented, diverse, and holistic understanding to the challenges students and families face when searching and preparing for  any postsecondary pathway including college.

From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path of success. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with my work.

Her ability to build rapport with students, families, community members, college staff, and professional colleagues has been the key to her success both in and out of the educational system.


  • Florida International University, MS in Higher Education, 2013

  • University of Florida, B.S In Criminology, 2012


Before Postsecondary Career Educational Consulting​​

  • English Teacher, Homestead Senior High School

  • Florida Baptist Children Home,Supervisor of Single Mom Program 

  • University of Miami, Senior Academic Advisor, College of Arts and Sciences, Biology

  • Work-Based Learning /Career Transition Specialist, Homestead Job Corps

  • Multicultural Programs and Services Programs, Graduate Assistant, Florida International University


Outside the Office

  • Currently Watching: Netflix Documentaries 


  • Currently Reading: Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City is a 2016 non-fiction book by the American author Matthew Desmond. Set in the poorest areas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the book follows eight families struggling to pay rent to their landlords during the financial crisis of 2007–2008


  • Currently Listening To: Anything interesting on Amazon Prime


  • Recent Educational Course: Currently enjoying learning about the IRS Tax Codes


  • Recent Travels: Gatlinburg, Tennessee



You may be surprised to know


  • Charkivia is fluent in American Sign Language, a language she learned from her deaf parents growing up.

  • Charkivia had worked with a multitude of students throughout their college process through mentorship and community based organizations.

  • Charkivia is full of energy and positive affirmations.






Postsecondary Career Consultant is proud to be an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and adheres to the Principles of Good Practice, designed to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional service and personal conduct among educational consultants. During the off-season, PCC visits 10 to 15 colleges per year. PCC is monitoring the ever-changing college admissions practices by attending national and local conferences, seminars and webinars. 

Also see: 10 Ways IECA Members are Unlike Other IECs

About Us: About



Postsecondary Career Consultant was founded to address  the  lack of representation of minority Independent consultants to help traditional and nontraditional college students successfully be competitive in the college application process. PCC believes that for students to find a postsecondary high school pathway  they must have the opportunity to explore all viable options.

PCC believes in providing successful quality college and career advising for families of all backgrounds in the State of Florida. Having worked in the field of college advising, career placement, foster care, social services agencies, and community outreach since 2012, Charkivia Hutchinson was aware of the lack of support given to students in local high schools – even in the year 2021 – many families did not have access to quality college and career counseling at a reasonable cost.


High school college advisors  in our area face overwhelming caseloads and often cannot devote the time necessary to help all students stay on top of all of the opportunities, deadlines, and college application-related tasks in front of them. Students usually struggle if they have to navigate this process on their own. Schools have a preference to service only state funded positions to work solely on college assistance so if a student is not interested in college then students are left to fend for themselves.  


Combined with the constantly changing landscape of college admissions, it is difficult for many high school college advisors to stay current on the best methods for admission. Improving the access of students and families to quality college advising was the driving force behind making services available to those who need it the most. As the landscape of career and college students shift for a more diverse pool of applicants it is critical you have consultants who have experience in working with these groups of students and families.


At Postsecondary Career Consultant, our goal is to help families navigate this intricate landscape to maximize the student success during this daunting process. What is required of each student to compile a successful application differs by state, major, and whether a college is a public or private institution. It’s a lot to deal with for many families, and we want our clients to feel at ease during the process. That’s why the bulk of our career and college admissions consulting in Florida is done via one-on-one consultations.


It’s our mission to help students and professionals find a career in demand without the debt. Let us help you today get you to your next destination whether is it college, military, trade/vocational school, job or business. We specialize in FTCE TEST Preparation to help our future educators of Tomorrow! Stuck and need to pass the GKT, subject area exams, you are in the right place.

If you wish to learn more about how we can help your student or organization, please reach out to us directly!

Schedule a Consultation


The Postsecondary Career Consultant is dedicated to helping students explore their career interests to explore the most cost effective career choice after graduating high school. Could it be applying to college? We help students apply for admission to college and find scholarships. 

Is it exploring vocational or trade schools? We will connect you and help you find the best program to learn skilled trades and be ready to go into the workforce within a year after high school.

 Are you looking to start a business? We are here to provide guidance. We have extensive experience in every option that is available. Let us help you find your fit!

What's it like to work with an independent college counselor?

Over the course of several years, our educational consultants work directly with students and their families, helping the student choose a college and devise the best strategy to gain acceptance into that school. We'll have a series of meetings where we get to know you and help you identify and help you align your goals for your college experience. PCC keeps in touch with the student and family with regular emails, phone calls, and texts in between meetings. Families receive a customized calendar and to-do list based on the colleges and universities they plan to pursue. Clients use the PCC client portal to access college research tools, manage our appointments, view their customized list of tasks, and store drafts of their application essays and other shared documents. Our process is effective and efficient to ensure students are receiving the best service possible.




Don’t Take My Word for It

Hello Charkivia!

Sorry for the late response. I passed my exam. Thanks for all your help.

Mira K.

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