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Be intentional and  ahead of the curve with academic advising for students in 6-11th grade


For underclassmen, we focus on developing academic goals and monitoring progress so that when you’re ready to apply for college as a junior, you’re prepped with a admissions-ready resume and a well-rounded academic history. This package is great for families looking for a deep analysis of student performance and for recommendations regarding which courses to take, including Honors/AB/IB/dual enrollment programs. Students in middle school will receive assistance in applying to magnet and private school programs, if requested.

  • Ensure you're on the right track early on, saving costly course corrections down the road

  • Build an academic roadmap as an underclassman to plot your course towards college admissions success

  • Make academic decisions now that will pay off later when you're applying for college

  • Build intentional course plans

Underclassmen Services

  • $499/semester

  • Develop academic goals and monitor academic progress

  • Student performance analysis

  • Course selection assistance, including Honors, AP, and IB courses

  • Application assistance for magnet and private schools

  • Two in-person meetings per month

Take the first step towards college admissions success!

Send an Underclassmen Services Advising Package inquiry today!

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