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How to Start a Business in Florida and Form an LLC

Florida Business Facts and Environment.


Step 1: Decide on a Business Structure.

Step 2: Pick a Business Name. Something catchy 

Step 3: Register the Business on Sunbiz

The basic total cost of forming or registering an LLC in Florida is $125, which includes the fees for filing the Articles of Organization and the registered agent designation.

Step 4: Obtain Your Federal Employer Identification Number.
Step 5: DUNS Build Business Credit

Step 6: Open Company Bank and Credit Accounts.

Good for small business and getting approved!

Step 7: Set-up An Accounting System.

Quiz books

Step 8: Obtain Licenses and Permits.

Your county business permits

Step 9: Obtain Business Insurance

Step 10: Build your website and brand


Information  of this work is for the

purpose of starting a business in Florida and related use and subject set for herein. While every effort has

been made to achieve a work of high quality from  the author's personal experience, this may not be the experience of your experience, the author of this work does not assume any liability in connection with this information.

Sample Ideas

  • Notary Public Service. Notary certification is granted by the state and the cost is generally less than $100.

  • Affiliate Marketing. 

  • Teaching Online. Udemy 

  • Kindle Publishing. Selling ebooks on Amazon

  • Bookkeeping / Accounting / Tax Preparation Service. 

  • Residential or Commercial Cleaning Service. 

  • Computer Repair Service. 

  • Consulting / Coaching.

  • Podcasting

  • Real Estate

  • Loan Originator

  • Property Management

  • Event Planner

  • Home Inspection Service

  • Junk Hauling Service

  • Photography Service

  • Translation / Interpretation Service

  • Vending Machines

  • Blogging
  • Sell Gigs On Fiverr
  • Gardening Service
  • and more

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