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Social & Corporate Responsibility


Expanding college access to positively impact the local community!

Postsecondary Career Consulting is committed to offering our expertise, guidance, and support to students and families as they prepare for  any career pathway especially the college process. We believe intentionality  is at the cornerstone to help students successfully reduce their financial liability post graduation. We help students apply to schools and for financial aid, enroll, and eventually graduate. But we understand that access to college is not distributed equally across the country and often leaves low-income, first-generation college, and students from underrepresented backgrounds out to struggle to make their own pathway. PCC utilizes the collective experience of the underprivileged and their success to serve as the foundation to help those who come behind them.


Even before Postsecondary Career Consulting was started, serving the community has always been the foundation to our success. PCC believes that with opportunity it can change a student and family generational legacy and we are committed to providing this service in the heart of the community, with the community in heart. We have served and provided support services for organizations serving high school-aged students and their families. We were founded in an effort to expand college access in our community, and that remains our commitment, whether it is through private consulting or our pro bono work.


Postsecondary Career Consultants has offered free advising, workshops, and more to the following schools and organizations: Homestead High School Students , Second Baptist Church Youth Department, Youth for Christ After School Program, Women of Tomorrow Program,  Florida Baptist Children Homes Foster Youth, working with those that were once in the prison system for reentry success,  and plans to attend Local College Fairs for the 2021-22 academic cycle.

              We LOSE ourselves in the service of others: 

at schools, organizations, and events in Florida and beyond!

Postsecondary Career Consultant

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